Hiring an Outside General Counsel for Your Business

Being compliant with legalities and regulations is critical for businesses of all sizes. While many large enterprises have legal teams in place solely for handling these matters and giving expert legal advice, this isn’t always feasible for smaller businesses. There is, however, a more cost-effective alternative available where you hire a lawyer for outside general counsel for your business. Here are the basics of what that process entails and how to find an expert. 

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Specific Services Offered

An outside general counsel will provide you with three main services under this type of arrangement. First, they’ll serve as a legal advisor where they identify any potential legal issues your business may run into. Some examples could ensure you properly classify workers as employees or independent contractors and preventing workplace discrimination. 

Second, an outside general counsel will act as a representative for your business and will be your official point of contact if you encounter a legal issue. If you ever face litigation, for instance, they’ll be responsible for following the sequence of steps needed to resolve it. 

Third, they’ll handle key legal services, such as drafting up documents, reviewing contracts, and writing company policies. Given the inherently complicated nature of legal writing, this can simplify your things dramatically, allowing you to focus more intently on core business operations. 

Common Areas of Competence

Here are some specific areas of law an outside general counsel can help you with.


    • Contracts and agreements – This sets the tone for good business relationships where the needs of both parties are clearly laid out on paper, which greatly reduces the potential for complications later on. It can include employment agreements, manufacturing agreements, licenses, and non-disclosure agreements. 
    • Employment law – Legalities involving hiring, onboarding, and termination can be extremely confusing. But an outside general counsel will lookout to ensure you’re compliant, greatly mitigating your risk. 
    • Business entities – This involves things like getting a federal tax ID number, setting up bank accounts for your business, filing with workers’ compensation authorities, and more.

Finding a Qualified Outside General Counsel

If you’re seeking expert outside general counsel for your business in the Sarasota area, get in touch with the Law Office of Kenneth J. Nota today. We have 30 years of experience and would love to provide you with the legal services you need to help your business succeed. 

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