Advantages Of Hiring A Lawyer For Your Business

The Law Office of Kenneth J. Nota would like to highlight 5 Advantages Of Hiring A Lawyer For Your Business.

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  1. Choosing A Suitable Business Structure
    • You want to get your business off on the right foot both in terms of profit margin as well as legally. Failing to secure the best business structure could present you with regulatory and tax difficulties. The more complex your business, even beyond the typical LLC, the more you may need help from a professional. 
  2. Preventing Lawsuits
    • Related to the first point, a good attorney can help you avoid legal obstacles from the beginning of your startup by making you aware of the legal landscape in your business or industry.
  3. Drafting Contracts
    • Not all business transactions require a contract but many of them do. This is another area where it pays to have a lawyer review and draft any necessary contracts for you.
  4. Protecting Intellectual Property
    • This involves product designs, inventions, logos, trade secrets, and more. If you don’t legally safeguard them, you are vulnerable to lose them. A lawyer can help you determine whether you need a patent, copyright, or trademark to protect your intellectual property.
  5. Real-Estate Licenses & Agreements
    • If your business requires land, offices, or any physical structure outside your home, you are going to require the necessary licenses and agreements, which should be drafted and reviewed by a capable attorney.

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