How to Decide If You Need a Corporate Lawyer

A time may arise when you realize you need the assistance of a reliable corporate lawyer like Kenneth J Nota. In fact, it could be a wise investment to involve a qualified attorney in the beginning phases of your business. Here are some of the things you need to know to help you decide if you need a corporate lawyer.

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What Are Corporate Lawyers?

While it may be true that there are more “corporate” lawyers working in large companies, the term refers to an attorney that renders legal services for any commercial client. They can be just as important and efficacious for small firms as they are for big companies (if not more so). Many terms are closely synonymous with corporate lawyer (attorney, litigator, etc.), but we want to focus more on this person’s actual duties.

  • Transactional & Advisory Work – This is the day-to-day work of a corporate lawyer. It includes advising clients on legal issues that could impact their business such as new regulatory requirements or relevant changes to tax laws. A good attorney will help you avoid problems preemptively and allow you to avoid surprises.
  • Documentation – There is no shortage of document preparation in the legal business. Corporate lawyers draft all kinds of vital paperwork like intellectual property assignments, franchise agreements, non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), hiring policies and procedures, stock purchase agreements, and much more. 
  • Assist with Mergers – Are you a business owner looking to merge or make an acquisition? Do you want to add new units to a franchise system? Any time you expand your business by adding new partners, you’ll have a large assortment of contracts to create; necessitating a  good lawyer. Since these actions can involve misunderstanding, disagreement, confusion, and even conflict, your corporate attorney can be instrumental in mediating these issues as well.

Corporate lawyers have many other tasks. This should serve as a bird’s-eye-view of some of the primary services you receive from an attorney like Ken Nota.

Advantages to Hiring a Corporate Lawyer like Kenneth J Nota

The best kind of attorney is one who comprehends your industry, the way you do business, as well as your near and long-term objectives. They can give you specific and relevant advice for a range of managerial issues, and help draft the legal documents for your business. Ken Nota performs all these services regularly in areas like:

  • Contracts and Agreements
  • Understanding Employment Law
  • Distribution and Franchising
  • Carefully Handling Mergers, Acquisitions, and Joint Ventures
  • Risk Management
  • . . . and much more!

You cannot afford to do business nowadays without addressing these important concerns. Entrepreneurs should recognize their complexity, which is why it pays dividends to have reliable legal counseling early and often.

The Law Office of Kenneth J Nota serves the Sarasota area with a variety of legal services, including business and commercial law, estate planning, and outside general counsel. If you’re ready to protect your business from litigation and other problems, then call us at any time at 941-309-5270.