How Do You Know You Chose The Right Lawyer

So, how do you know you’ve chosen the right lawyer to help your business, defend you in court, or help you write important documents? The American legal market is full of talented attorneys, but it is possible to encounter someone not fully qualified to bring you the best possible sponsorship and counsel. That’s why we want to explore some simple strategies for selecting a good attorney, and then show how Kenneth J. Nota fits the bill.

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Selecting the Right Lawyer

    • State Licensing Requirements
      This is very basic, but you would be surprised at the number of online scammers these days. Always rule out the worst-case scenarios by vetting your lawyer for his/her state licensing. In Sarasota, that means making sure the attorney has an active license in the State of Florida.


    • Consult with Friends, Family, and Colleagues
      Chances are you have a business colleague who needed legal advice or defense at some point. Choosing a lawyer is not radically different from any other market mechanism like finding a good car or insurance broker. Find out who the folks around you like and then further research their credentials.


  • Read Through Their Website and Consult Online Rating Resources
    The Internet gives us a great chance to access reviews of all sorts of companies and services, and the legal business is no exception. You should probably start by reading the lawyer’s website and asking yourself whether you think they appear professional and trustworthy. Make sure they practice the kind of law most relevant to your needs. Good lawyers will also indicate their membership of third-party community groups and local business organizations.

Kenneth J. Nota – Sarasota’s Leader in Business Law, Estate Planning, Real Estate, & More

For his part, Ken Nota is a good-standing member of both the Manatee and Sarasota County Chambers of Commerce. He’s also part of the Federation of Defense &

Corporate Counsel (FDCC) and a member of the Florida, Massachusetts and Rhode Island Bar Associations. He’s built one of the best reputations with businesses in Florida over the course of 30 years of service as an attorney.

Nota also specializes in real estate, estate planning, and wills/trusts, thus giving him the unique qualification of being able to draft nearly any important legal document. This is of priceless value to any business needing to formulate strong procedural documentation.

Whether you need help finalizing any type of trust or just want to learn more about intellectual property law, you can turn to Ken Nota for expert assistance.

The Law Office of Kenneth J. Nota hopes you found this advice illuminating. We know that our business clients, for example, take seriously the notion of having a reliable legal partnership. This doesn’t happen by selecting the first lawyer you see in the phone book. If you have any questions about Ken Nota’s background and services, please feel free to call 941-309-5270.