Prevent Employee Disputes with Proactive Guidance

The way you handle employee disputes can have a big impact on the success of your business. Smart employers do everything they can to address the problem by preventing quarrels in the first place. This is possible with good procedures and proactive guidance from a competent employment lawyer.
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How Can an Employment Lawyer Help Assuage Employee Disputes?

Here are some examples of when you should have an employment lawyer to help with employee troubles.

  • You’re experiencing discrimination or sexual accusations in your workplace. This could be against you or between multiple employees.
  • An employee names you as a defendant in any type of lawsuit pertaining to employment law (i.e., workers compensation, harassment, safety accident, lost wages).
  • Your business is heading into collective bargaining negotiations with a labor union.
  • Company finances are forcing you to consider terminating or changing employee benefits, pension plans, or even workforce reductions.

As you can see, these are all difficult scenarios that are hard to manage without strong legal counsel. These are just a few of the issues Ken Nota addresses for business owners. He draws upon multiple decades of experience in employment law and other commercial services to get to the bottom of these pressing matters.

Good Contracts & Written Procedures Negate Workplace Conflict

Whether employees quarrel with one another or against an employer, it’s usually time-consuming and destructive for work productivity and morale. Sometimes, this arises from poorly formed procedures and a failure to understand employment contracts and agreements.

This is another place where an employment lawyer can straighten out the confusion by helping you establish and reinforce procedures. Those include many areas with lawsuit potential, such as effective onboarding, safety guidelines, training programs, scheduling, employee classification, and several other areas.

You’ll also want your attorney to be an effective liaison when dealing with external regulatory agencies. No business owner wants to find themselves at odds with groups like OSHA, the other arms of the Department of Labor, or the employee’s own legal representation without reliable legal assistance. Hiring an employment attorney can safeguard you against a lot of risk and expensive costs.

The Law Office of Kenneth J. Nota is the best employment law resource for businesses in the Sarasota area. Even if your business is small and not prone to employee disputes, you might need outside counsel to help with mergers, acquisitions, basic procedural development, and so forth. Contact us at any time to learn more about these important legal services, at 941-309-5270.