Why You Should Choose the Law Offices of Kenneth J. Nota

Finding an experienced and knowledgeable law office can be an arduous task. Because laws tend to vary from state to state, receiving counsel from a legal mind that’s familiar with the nuances and intricacies of Florida state law might seem difficult. However, if you’re in need of legal assistance, the Law Offices of Kenneth J. Nota can provide the type of aid that’s necessary for you to obtain peace of mind. 

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Jimi Hendrix once famously asked, “are you experienced?” If that question was directed towards the law offices of Kenneth J. Nota, the answer would be a resounding and emphatic “yes!” With three decades of experience to call upon, our expertise is never in question. Our extensive knowledge of Florida state law guarantees you’ll have representation that’s well versed and prepared to assist you in any way we can. 

Areas of Specialty 

Law can very immersive and complex. We specialize in a variety of areas to provide the best possible service to the residents of Florida. 

  • Business and Commercial Services Business and commercial law cover a great deal of ground, and it’s ground we have experience in. From employment and merging to risk management and Copywrite law, we have the expertise for anything related to the world of business. 
  • Estate Planning Services Whether you’re planning on the incorporation of a living will or granting someone the power of attorney, we can assist you in filing all the necessary paperwork and help you make the right choices. 
  • Outside General Counsel If you own and operate a business and don’t feel that you need to employ a full-time attorney, having an outside general counsel is a viable alternative. We offer a four-tiered system that includes various hours per month that we can provide to you. 
  • Real estate The world of real estate has a long-standing reputation of being cut-throat and extremely competitive. We can assist you with matters that pertain to buying, selling, and can even assist with the leasing process for tenants and landlords. 
  • Will & Trust If you’re planning on drafting your last will and testament, or preparing a revocable trust, this process can be complex and our expert legal team can make sure that it’s done correctly so you can arrange all of your affairs in proper order. 

Getting in Contact with Us

If you feel that you have legal matters in the immediate future that will need attending to, or you simply want to prepare for a sustainable future, let us help you. The Law Offices of Kenneth J. Nota can be reached by phone or email, and for more information visit our webpage at kennotalaw.com.