Functions of a Corporate Lawyer

So, what does a corporate lawyer do on a daily basis? They wear many hats, including advisor, corporate compliance officer, and even risk manager. Kenneth J Nota has over 20  years of experience working as an attorney in corporate settings before establishing his private practice in Sarasota, Florida, so he knows every angle of the profession.

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Let’s learn about these critical functions of a corporate lawyer.

Corporate Lawyer Functions

  • Key Advisory Role
      • Whether it’s a big company, small company, a city council, or even Congress, lawyers of all stripes are called upon for advice on intricate details. For companies, the board of directors will almost always involve a corporate lawyer for assistance before making decisions on budgeting or implementation of a new program or procedure.
  • Review & Evaluation
      • Savvy business professionals have experience making deals, mergers, acquisitions, and other cooperative activities. They also know that doing any of those requires the aid of legal counsel. In a franchise business, for example, new franchisees would never commit to a Franchise Agreement without reviewing the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) carefully with a competent attorney. The review and evaluation function is a fundamental role for corporate lawyers.
  • Bookkeeping
      • Your documentation needs to be stellar or you risk becoming vulnerable in the event you experience litigation. This often encompasses the corporate lawyer’s “day-to-day” activities since it covers working on the terms and conditions of contracts or drafting other documents like patents or grants.
  • Interpreting Legal Precedent
      • Laws change all the time and so does legal precedent at the state and federal levels. Why does this matter to your business? Whenever a new law or court ruling impacts your business, you’ll need to make adjustments, but without a good corporate lawyer on your team, you might not even be aware of new legislation or relevant court cases.
  • Regulatory Compliance
    • This role is similar to the last one. However, with each passing year, the regulatory environment in business law becomes more and more complex. You’ll need help from a corporate lawyer to ensure you’re compliant with regulations related to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Fair Labor Standards Act, and many other laws. Don’t forget that these laws, which have been in existence for a while, receive new stipulations on a nearly annual basis.


It’s the roles and functions like this that make reliable legal counseling so fundamentally valuable to your business. If you need someone capable of all these objectives in the Sarasota area, then Kenneth J Nota is your best choice. He has virtually unrivaled experience in business and commercial law.


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